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For Catering to be provided to 261-263 Chalmers St Redfern ONLY

Please download the appropriate form below

Click on "Enable Editing"

Use the TAB key to navigate around the fields to fill in the form. Once completed, save on your computer and email to the appropriate email address.

By clicking on "Submit an enquiry" you will open up an email addressed to the correct email address

Attach your completed form and send!

Please note there may be times when we cannot fulfill your order due to other commitments. Do not presume that your order has been accepted until you receive a confirmation email.

Still have questions? Call us on 02 9557 1105

Catering for Large Conferences / Special Events


(order from Stanmore House) 


This form is for groups / meetings over 10 people or special events. 5 business days prior notice is required in order for planning, ordering and prep purposes. This form is to be emailed to 

Group Coffee orders


(take directly to the cafe)




Please use this form only for drinks orders and allow at least 20 mins for the Cafe Staff to prepare and deliver your order.

Please print and take directly to the cafe to fulfill your order. As much notice as possible is appreciated!

Catering required for 10 People and UNDER


(order direct from cafe)



Please complete the form below, noting we require a 4 business day lead time. We require this in order to plan, prep, order and staff accordingly. Orders placed 'on the day' or last minute cannot be accepted. Please email to or physically take your order form to the cafe.

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